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Here Is What I Would Do To Sell My House Fast


I’m Guessing that you are looking to sell your house as quick as possible for various reasons. Some being:

1. You want to list your house on the market, but dislike the idea of waiting months for your property to sell.

2. You would like to purchase the next house as a cash buyer and don’t want to rent in between selling your home and securing the next.

3. You would like to free up the equity from your home to pay other loans or even invest in a new business opportunity.

4. You are worried about the falling housing prices and wish to sell now to lock in the increased value of your home.

Well, regardless of the scenario you fall in, it is certainly possible to sell a house fast. In this read, I will be showing a couple of tips on how I would sell my house fast.


Tips I Would Employ To Sell My House Fast


Keep The House Clean

The the first thing I would do since it’s the most important and the least expensive. I know it might be a pain to maintain, especially when you have many family members, but it is imperative. Otherwise, your home will not sell fast as dirtiness will only deter potential buyers.


Enhance Curb Appeal

Most home sellers tend to overlook the essence of their home’s curb appeal. The home’s external appearance is the first thing that the potential buyer will see. So, in regards to this, I would try and ensure that the exterior of my house gets a fresh coat of paint, and the lawn and bushes are well cut. Landscaping doesn’t cost much as well, only a few dollars on mulch and a few flowers. They say that you never get a second chance to make a first impression and so, I’d ensure I maximize on the exterior.


Getting Rid Of The Junk

Who does not love their stuff? I do, and that’s why I have so much of it in my house. The problem is, nobody viewing your house wants any of it, and it only makes the house appear small and messy. I need to let people picture themselves and their items in the space, and so, I would get rid of old high school trophies and family photographs. I would perhaps rent a storage or get a pal to store them for me for a couple of months until I move into a new house.


Price The Home Right

No matter how will I renovate and stage my house, it is still imperative that I price it appropriately. As such, I would consult a local Realtor, do some research online and see what comparable homes in my area are going for. I wouldn’t however, be the lowest priced home on the block, especially when I’ve made some significant improvements. However, I would ensure that the pricing is not out of range with other similar houses on the market.



Selling a home needs effort, especially in a down market. So, take my advice and do everything you can to get your house in an excellent condition. With an attractive price along with these tips, you will certainly increase the odds of selling your home fast.

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